melissa-voitek-cropThank you for visiting my website. Here, you’ll be able to find out where I’m playing and what I’m up to. My band plays in various jazz venues around Toronto, but I also love playing concerts and corporate and private events.

I’m passionate about creating memorable experiences, be it in an intimate club setting or at a large corporate event. It’s about using the power of live music to connect with people.

Planning an event?   How about adding a live music component? Elevate your event with an elegant trio or quartet playing jazz music while your guests are enjoying cocktails and conversation!

How about hosting a House Concert? Invite your friends over to enjoy an intimate concert in your home! Now that’s a unique evening.

I’d love to talk with you more about how my band can set the right tone for your event. Contact me here!

“Melissa’s heartfelt joy, empathy, eloquence and energy are embodied in everything she does, especially in her connection to her music and her audience. She is a wonderful artist, a magnificent collaborator, and a treasure to work with. If you would rather I put my feelings about Melissa in one word, I will offer this. ‘Unforgettable!'”

–Jay Paterson, Co-Founder, Empowered Wealth Canada